Let’s back up a bit. First get your face clean so we can really tell what else is going on with your skin.

There are many different cleansers out on the market. The two most popular that Estheticians use is a cream or foam based cleanser. I like either one of these.

For acne skin most cleansers will be a foam cleanser. If you like to have a sudsy soap to make you feel like your skin is really clean then a foam cleanser would be better to you. When I am breaking out or when I have a client that is having breakouts I will use the foam-based cleanser, which is more drying and will cause the blemishes to hurry and move on. Stay away from cleanser that have too much fragrance, they may contain alcohol which will be too drying on the skin.

For dryer skin the cream cleanser is more beneficial. When using a cream cleanser you would need to use a warm damp washcloth to remove the cleanser. I find that cream cleanser do a better job with removing makeup.  Some people like to use both so that their skin does not get use to one product.  I tend to change up my products randomly depending on how my face is reacting. During the winter when my face is drier I tend to find myself use a cream cleanser.  If you have any questions on which cleanser you should use email me and we can work together to find the right cleanser for you! Stay happy and you will be beautiful.