Cleansers and Masks

Cleansing Line – The all important first step

Cleansing Oil

Hydrophilic (water-soluble) oil, preservative-free and delicate cleanser that evens gently and thoroughly removes eye makeup. It forms a lightweight emulsion that is easily removed with water, also extremely well suited for irritated, reddened skin. For sensitive and extremely dry skin.
Price: $32  

Milky Cleanser

A water-soluble formula that rinses off easily. For normal to dry skin. Well suited for removing eye makeup and foundation. Gently yet thoroughly cleanses and never dries out the skin.
Price: $28  

Cleansing Foam - Creamy

Rich, creamy foam for mild and thorough cleansing everyday. Also suitable for men. Prevents skin from feeling dry and taut and helps prevent inflammation and skin impurities.
Price: $24  

Clarifying Lotion

The same favorite formula from the Puran Formula, now under the Cleansing Line! Helps skin normalize excessive sebum production, uses antibacterial properties to protect skin from impurities, mattes the skin and removes unwanted sheen while absorbing excess sebum. Leaves skin feeling clear and fresh. For impure skin.
Price: $28  

Cleansing Fluid

Once a favorite under the Puran Formula, now with the same formulation under the Cleansing Line! Has a particularly gentle, mild and thorough cleansing effect and helps prevent impurities with its antibacterial effect. Supports the skin's natural protective coating, leaves skin feeling clear and fresh. For impure skin.
Price: $28  


Basic Moist Mask

Biodroga Basic Moist Mask, quenches the skins natural thirst. Leaves a pleasant sensation on the skin, firms facial contours, smoothes lines and wrinkles from dryness. Gives the skin immediate freshness and elasticity. Ensures optimal skin moisturizing. Smoothes the skins structure, rejuvenates tired skin. An ideal after sun product.
Price: $32  

Vitamin Honey Mask

A rich cream mask that helps regulate keratinization processes, balancing and vitalizing the skin. Stabilizes the skin's moisture level, restores the skin's lipid and moisture balance and improves skin functions. For oil-deficient skin.
Price: $38  

Deep Cleansing Mask

A smooth, creamy mask that clarifies and cleanses the skin, absorbs and removes excessive sebum and mattes unattractive shine. Counteracts and helps prevent inflammatory processes in the skin, reduces impurities and subcutaneous deposits and soothes the skin and alleviates slight irritation and redness. Suitable for all skin types.
Price: $38