Sallye Jean Skin Care

Cleansing Cream

Rich, daily cleansing cream, super emollients with beeswax. Perfect for the deepest cleansing of removal of makeup.
4 oz. $16, 8 oz. $24, 16 oz. $36


Mint Facial Wash

Our best selling cleanser. Very refreshing. Good for all skin types and the mint extract acts as an antiseptic.
8 oz. $20, 16 oz. $36, 32 oz. $40


Skin Freshener

Unique alcohol free formula finishes the cleansing process, removing all traces of cream and foreign matter without drying skin. Can be used as often as you like.

8 oz. $16, 16 oz. $28, 32 oz. $40


Cucumber Cream

For dry skin with splotches – also good for burns and sunburn. One of our oldest and most sought after creams. Should be a staple in every home.
4 oz. $18, 8 oz. $32, 16 oz. $40


Nektor Cream

A rich, creamy moisturizer for more mature skin that helps to combat age lines. Use under makeup and at night. Use on your neck every night to fight against dry bumps and wrinkles.

4 oz. $18, 8 oz. $32, 16 oz. $40


Harmerlin Cream

Our richest cream for parched and aging skin. Use to hydrate the skin to give it a fuller look. Harmerlin is a concentration of oils and natural ingredients that help repair signs of time. Used after cleansing it soothes and lubricates in a minimum of time.
2oz. $16, 4 oz. $28, 8 oz. $40, 16 oz. $56


Eye Concentrate

Eye Concentrate (Reola) is a blend of natural, essential oils that replace those oils that the eye area lacks. Gentle and safe for the most sensitive areas of the eye, it is also an important deterrent in combating the signs of aging.
1/2 oz. $16, 1 oz. $30


Ice Mint Masque

Penetrating clay masques are the treasures of our laboratories. Cream masque is a deep cleaner that removes any impurities in your skin. Enriched with mint oils stimulates and cleanses even the oiliest skin.

4 oz. $18, 8 oz. $32, 16 oz. $40

Honey Almond Scrub

The perfect exfollient to cleanse and stimulate the skin’s surface with the wonder of natural oats, ground almonds, purest honey and a number of carefully compounded cleansing agents.

2 oz. $16, 4 oz. $24, 8 oz. $36, 16 oz. $52


Collagen Placenta Cream

A delicate cream with a high percentage of collagen, an important sclera-protein in skin tissue that promotes hydration. This cream helps to overcome the tiny wrinkles around the eyes and fills in those tiny crevices. It is also equally effective around the lip area. Use this cream at night to help the rebuilding our body naturally does.

2 oz. $20


Cellular Rejuvenate Cream

Our most powerful and highly concentrated stimulant that increases cellular growth by 100%, thanks to its active ingredient, Hyaluronic Acid. Although Hyaluronic Acid is a fantastic humectant in maintaining moisture balance, its true purpose is to reach the deepest level of the skin’s structure and stimulate new growth. This new growth pushes cells upward, sloughing off old, dead cells. Highly effective and concentrated, a small amount worked gently into the skin works wonders for renewal. Use for 14 days and then skip 14 days and then repeat.

1/2 oz. $40


Collagen Performance Cream

An intensified degree of collagen is offered in this cream. It is designed to combat small lines that often occur around the mouth and eye area. Used lightly before makeup, Collagen Performance Cream is age defying.

1 oz. $30


Cellular Moisture Cream

Use at night, after cleansing and under makeup. Cellular Moisture Cream is a delicate cream containing light amounts of Hyaluronic Acid. Used sparingly around the eye area, it helps to maintain moisture balance and ease away tiny wrinkles by stimulating new cellular growth.

1 oz. $25


Tri-Moist Hydroxy Lotion

The newest advance in gentle stimulation for the complexion is our Tri-Moist Lotion. it is a combination of collagen, enriching allantoin, wonderful hyaluronic acid and the delicate yet effective alpha-hydroxy acids of multiple fruits and sugars. Lightly, yet thoroughly, Tri-Moist Hydroxy Lotion works to remove old cells while it moisturizes and replenishes.

2 oz. $20